Sunday, 6 February 2011

Fantasist - Giggle Juice

Genre - Alternative / Progressive / Rock
Label - Rocksector records

Tracklisting -
01 - X's & O's
02 - See-Thru
03 - Darkness
04 - Time To Leave
05 - The Truth
06 - Mistakes
07 - The Divide
08 - Ego
09 - The Void
10 - The Sleeper
11 - Smokescreen
12 - {rivate Life

Fantasists hailing from Manchester (UK) were born from the ashes of prog rock band Idiom and Post Modern Geisha. They are a power trio, with a talent for mixing heavy riffs with almost Jazz like sections and great melodies and hooks. The band have already begun to build quite a reputation for themselves on the live circuit, and judging by the material on offer here, their debut album, Giggle Juice, I can see why.
The riffs come thick and fast, but always tempered with great tempo changes, and brilliant melodies. Opening with X's & O's the band set out their stall for all to see.
Songs like See-Thru, Darkness, Time To Leave, Mistakes, and The Void are exquisitely catchy songs. Ego has a kind of ska / reggae thing going on, this album is brilliant.
The band manage to mix so many different influences, which be down to their time spent in the Prog rock field with Idiom, but the songs are always solid and remarkably catchy.
These guys offer up something different, like the bastard son of Black Sabbath and The Cult!
Congratulations and thank you to Rocksector Records for snapping these guys up and putting this album out.
The band have just been confirmed for 2011's SOS Festival along with the likes of Gun, Fury UK and Exit State so get on down there and check them out!

Website -
Rating 10/10

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