Sunday, 6 February 2011

Overdrive Orchestra - The Grey Area

Genre: Alternative / Rock
Label: Independent

Track listing -

01 - Better Off
02 - What Could Have Been
03 - Goodbye
04 - Lust
05 - Dive
06 - Nothing Left
07 - Oven
08 - As Cold As Concrete
09 - Save Me From Myself
10 - (Untitled)

Overdrive Orchestra are a trio hailing from HARTLAND, Michigan, United States. They formed in 2007 with the sole intention of reviving a dying rock music scene, nothing like high expectations hey?
With The Grey Area, the band have come up with a strong and very solid release, thick meaty riff's, a true rock star styled vocal and a solid and strong rhythm section.
From the opening track of Better Off the band set the standards high, and it never slips. A classic but contemporary rock sound is what the band has achieved here, and every song is well written and brilliantly executed.
Stand out tracks for me include Better Off, Goodbye, Lust and Save Me From Myself.

Well worth checking out!

website -
Rating 9/10

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