Monday, 21 February 2011

Angel Air Rocks! (various) - War Horses!

Genre - Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Label - Angel Air records

Track listing -

01 - Door Opens
02 - Misunderstood
03 - Harry Farr
04 - Bleed Me Dry
05 - Radio Silence
06 - Rebecca
07 - Candice Larene
08 - Going Down
09 - 747 (Strangers In The Night)
10 - Hit The Right Button (Make The Elevator Stop)
11 - Savage Song
12 - Prayer For The Dying
13 - Blood Comes Easy
14 - Judy
15 - Wishing Well
16 - Oh Well (Single Version)
17 - M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction)
18 - My Life's In Your Hands
19 - Door Slams

'War Horses!' is a wholly appropriate title for this compilation. It features a huge collection of talent spanning the 14 year career of the Angel Air label, featuring artists like, Damage Control, Stray, Robin George, Notorious, Heavy Metal Kids, Gillan, British Lions, Bullet, Krokus, McCoy, Maggie Bell, Quatermass II, David Byron Band, Nobody’s Business, Gerry McAvoy Fandango and Freedom. It’s a great compilation that truly showcases some of the labels artists. Stand out tracks from are Judy (Robin George), Radio Silence (Notorious), Harry Farr (Stray) M.A.D. (Gillan) and Blood Comes Easy (Krokus)
Extensive sleeve notes gives a brief history of each artist and how they came to be on Angel Air.
This cd is a great way to check out some long forgotten gems, and get a taste for what the label has to offer.
Well worth checking out!

Website - Angel Air

Rating 10/10

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