Monday, 21 February 2011

The Treatment - This Might Hurt

Genre - Classic Rock / Hard Rock
Label - Powerage

Track listing:

01. Departed
02. The Doctor
03. I Want Love
04. Just Tell Me Why
05. Lady Of The Light
06. I Fear Nothing
07. Winter Sun
08. Shake The Mountain
09. I Will Be There
10. The Coldest Place On Earth
11. Nothing To Lose But Our Minds
12. Stone Cold Love (Hidden Track)

Hailing from Cambridge UK, The treatment are classic hard rockers playing their music the way that it should be. The surprising thing about this band is their age, with the songs sounding this good, you would expect The Treatment to be seasoned veterans, yet the band only formed in 2008, by drummer Dhani Mansworth, when he was only 15!
The songwriting really is excellent, as is the musicianship, and vocalist Matt Jones has a great set of pipes on him!
The bands influences include everything from ACDC to Led Zepplin and Aerosmith, and yes you can hear them all in the band’s sound, you these guys have their own classic rock sound thing going on too.
This album and band are full of energy and must be great live, something that I’m looking forward to finding out for myself!
Every song is full of energy!
Standout tracks for me include, Departed, Stone Cold Love, I Fear Nothing and The Doctor, but to be honest I could list the entire track list as every song is a corker!
A great addition to the growing UK classic rock resurgence!
These guys have the talent and songs to be huge!

Website - The Treatment
Rating - 10/10

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