Saturday, 30 April 2011

Andrew W.K. - The Party All Goddamn Night EP

Genre - Hard Rock
Label -

Tracklisting -

01.Party All Goddamn Night
02.Everybody’s Raging
03.I Sold My Soul
04.Head Bang
05.I’m A Vagabond
06.We’re All Women
07.I Was Born To Love You (Freddie Mercury cover)

This Ep offers up 7 songs in the typical Andrew W.K. party music style, although his sounds has shifted a little with a 2011 Dance club element to his production, but still Andrew W.K!
This Ep is filled with 7 gems, I'm loving I Sold My Soul, Party All Goddamn Night, and even though he comitted the ultimate sin in my eyes by covering a Freddie Mercury song (I'm a life long Queen and Freddie fan and generally hate hearing people cover their songs as very few pull it off and do them justice!), in I Was Born To Love You, I love this version of the song! He really pulls it off.
This a great little short Ep,with plenty of variation a kind of stop gap before the next full length album.
This Ep will definitely appeal to Andrews existing fan base, and I believe amybe even attract a few new ones too!

Highly reconmended!

Website - Andrew W.K.
Rating - 9/10

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