Saturday, 30 April 2011

Kev Bayliss - Quicksand (Single)

Genre - Hard Rock / Indie / Alternative / Modern Rock
Label - Independant

Tracklisting -
01 - Quicksand

Former Voodoo Johnson vocalist, Kevin Bayliss, returns with his first release since leaving the band late last year. Whereas Voodoo Johnson have apparently headed into a slightly harder / heavier direction with their new vocalist on their first single Black Skies Mist, Kev has opted to go in a more commercial, softer, more indie direction with Quicksand, which is the first song to be made available from his debut solo album, The Project which should follow later this year.
Kevin says, " This song however, is typically ‘Indie’ and a bit softer than what people have heard me sing before, but I love all kinds of music and probably have been ‘typecast’ now as a rock singer. I only joined VJ cos I liked ROCK and they were looking for a singer. My hope was that they would become more commercial and I tried to make that happen with the lyrics and vox, but I think after time I decided it wasn’t going to happen. I think they’ve found the right singer for what they want now though."

Quicksand is a great track with some very heartfelt, topical and relevant lyrics, and the softer approach really brings out the best in Kevin’s vocals. The song perhaps has more in common with Kings Of Leon, U2 and Cold Play than his previous outfit, but again that allows Kevin more freedom to truly showcase his voice.

I really do like this song, it’s extremely well written and executed to perfection, and I’m hoping that Kevin can keep a hold of the musicians that he has assembled here for the rest of the songs that will feature upon the album.
(The band is: Guitars - Lucky Singh, Keyboards - Pete Lakin, Bass - Nick Daniel, Dums - Kevin Bartlett, and obviously, Vocals / Lyrics - Kev Bayliss.

I'll let Kev have the final word with, "So, the album will have several more tracks, some acoustic section too! – So it’ll have a bit of everything, some hard, some soft. The key is to make it diverse. No ‘Dance’ though, or RnB lol. Mind you I have recorded vocals for a Dance song, and it looks as though it may be released under a large independent label! – I love all kinds of music, not just rock, so I thought I should stop pretending to be Axl rose and just sing what I like!"

I truly recommend buying this single when it is made available on 20th May as I think you’re gonna love it, I Do!

Highly recommended and I can’t wait for the album!

Website - Kev Bayliss

Rating - 10/10

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