Saturday, 9 February 2013

Random Jon Poole - Random Jon Poole

Genre - Electronic / New Wave / Rock / Pop
Label - Pledge Music

Track listing -

01 - New Receivers
02 - Into The Sunset
03 - Bleep Bleep Bedlam
04 - Alien Interaction
05 - Dignity In Trauma
06 - We Are Just The Same
07 - Years And Years
08 - Bark Like You
09 - I Know You
10 - The Death Of Soul (Part Two)
11 - Prototypes
12 - P-S-Y-C-H-O-S-I-S Spells The End

Cardiacs, Wildhearts Bassist and God Damn Whores main man Random Jon Poole finally delivers his long awaited debut solo album, and its bloody great. More new wave electronic than rock or metal, but makes for a refreshing breath of fresh air all the same. Anyone who has ever seen Random Jon Poole either live or with one of his other day jobs will already know just how quirky and off the wall he can be, and this is all evident on this wonderful album.
If you fancy listening to something a little different then give this album a go!

Album Credits:
All songs written by Jon Poole

All instruments and low-grade vocals by Random Jon Poole
Swell vocals by Givvi Flynn
Produced and recorded by Random Jon Poole between 2005-2008.
Mastered by Jase Edwards at Majestic Splendour Studios
Cover art by Rich Jones at Turning Rebellion

Rating - 09/10

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