Tuesday, 1 October 2013

SuperCharger - Wolf Tickets EP (2013)

Genre - Hard Rock / Metal / Alternative / Punk
Label - Self Released

Track listing:

01 - Pieces
02 - A Major (Headshake)
03 - Cartoon Smile
04 - Sceneshifter
05 - Hallelujah

UK Rockers SuperCharger unleash their latest EP upon the world and the follow up to the mighty Retox EP, in the form of Wolf Tickets. Five insanely intense and well crafted songs, delivered with the passion and heart that we have come to expect from Nick Parsons (ex Whatever / The Almighty) and the SuperCharger crew. To be honest dare I say that the songs on offer here may even drop a little of the usual SuperCharger fury and attitude and more than nod their heads a little in the direction of Whatever (Nick Parsons original band from way back in the nineties), which is no bad thing as I was a huge fan of their two albums and Ep! Pieces delivers a melodic fury and intensity that really sets the scene, quickly followed by A Major (Headshake), which slows things down a little, with its pop sensibilities. Two for two so far! Cartoon Smile follows, and this track really could be a Whatever track, awesome as it twists and turns. Radio friendly too! Definitely one of the standout tracks on offer here together with Hallelujah and A Major (Headshake). Sceneshifter picks up the pace again, another excellent track, whilst the Ep closes out with Hallelujah, a seven and half minute opus. Its been a long path for SuperCharger main man Nick Parsons, through Whatever, The Almighty, Runt and finally SuperCharger, but the quality of the music has never dropped. Wolf Tickets delivers further proof that SuperCharger are a great British band delivering quality music on a consistent level!
Very highly recommended!

Rating 10/10

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