Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Teenage Casket Comapny - Still Standing (2013)

Genre - Hard Rock
Label - Trashpit Records

Track listing:

01 - Still Standing
02 - First Night Of Your Life
03 - (You Only Love Me) When You Hate Me
04 - Make It Through The Night
05 - Best Friend Is My Radio
06 - Dead In America
07 - Take A Little Time
08 - Without You
09 - Girl
10 - Kings Of The World

After a hiatus and lineup changes (Jamie Delerict leaving to form JD and the FDC's), various members becoming involved with other projects, (Rob Wylde playing bass in Tigertailz, Laney becoming involved with Black Molly's and Bulletboys) TCC return with a new album in the form of Still Standing, a rather apt title all things considered. To be honest, the break may have done the guys good, as I'm fairly confident in saying that Still Standing is the best and most accomplished thing that the band have released to date. The songs are as finely crafted as ever, and the performances top notch as you would expect, but the production really allows the songs to shine this time around, polished but not over polished if you know what I mean, capturing that raw stadium filling sound that these guys have always had, and its stadiums that they deserve to be filling too. this album has it all, from huge Def Leppard styled ballads like Make It Through The Night, To Fist Pumping fuck yous like Still Standing, Dead In America and Best Friend Is My Radio, to huge chorus driven Eureka Machines ESE tracks like First Night Of Your Life.
A great comeback album, and their best to date in my honest opinion!

Highly recommended

Rating - 10/10

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