Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Sweet - The Answer (2013)

Genre - Hard Rock / Pop / Glam
Label - Angel Air Records

Track listing:
01 Do As I Say
02 X-Ray Specs
03 Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again
04 Stand Up
05 Nouveau Rock Star
06 Natural
07 Mind
08 Marshall Stack
09 Red Tape
10 When Friends Fall Out
11 Is It True
12 Dangerous Game
13 I Don’t Want To Say Goodnight
14 Crudely Mott

15 Marshall Stack (Alt Ending)
16 Do As I Say (Single Mix)
17 Stand Up (Hard Rock Version)

"SWEET are forever associated with that tremendous run of worldwide hit singles in the 70’s (no less than 13 UK Top 20 hit singles) but their popularity remains as they tour all over Europe where they still to this day enjoy headline status at festivals. The Answer was recorded in 1992 in Hanover, GERMANY and showcases how tight a rock band the group had become. This album has long been out of print with copies currently changing hands at over a £100 a copy. Now remastered with three bonus tracks"

On November 4th (2013) Angel Air Records re-release The Answer, by Andy Scott's Sweet, fully remastered and including 3 bonus tracks (as stated above) but is the album any good? Well the answer is a resounding yes! The Answer, and this lineup of the seventies glam rock legends may have never reached the same levels of commercial success as the groups releases from the seventies heyday, but it is still a very strong release indeed with songs such as X-Ray Specs, Nouveau Rock Star, Natural, Marshall Stack and I Don't Want To Say Goodnight proving that Andy Scott had lost non of his song writing magic.
The remastering brings the songs to life, allowing them to breath and really shine, giving them an almost contemporary edge, although one or two tracks haven't aged as well as others, such as album opener Do As I Say, which has a slightly tired and dated feel to it.
This release comes complete with extensive linear sleeve notes to help fill in the gaps making this a great little album ta boot.
This album is a must have for fans of Sweet (and Andy Scott of course!) but is also a worthy place to start for fans that are just a little curious as to what happened to the Hellraiser's after the seventies Ballroom Blitz!

Rating - 9/10

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