Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Falling Red - Empire Of The Damned (2013)

Genre - Hard Rock / Sleaze
Label - Pledge Music

Track listing:

01 - Time To Rise
02 - The Devil You Know
03 - We Escaped A Cult
04 - Break Me
05 - Outcast
06 - Disposable
07 - Empire Of The Damned
08 - We Are Reckless
09 - No Sanctuary
10 - Lonely Way To Die
11 - Change For No One

UK rockers, Falling Red, return with their sophmore album and what an album it is! This time around the guys have opted to go down the Pledge Music route in order to record the follow up to their debut, Shake The Faith, and the great Ep, Hasta La Victoria Siempre, giving them complete creative freedom and full control of their destiny so to speak. And the result is not only a damn fine album, but also the best set of songs that the band have been involved in so far! Now I have to be honest here. I enjoyed Shake The Faith, but wasn't totally blown away by it, unlike Hasta La Victoria Siempre, which I thought was amazing, so I awaited Empire Of The Damned with baited breath, and the guys didn't disappoint! Altogether a more coherent album, Empire... has a harder edge and a larger injection of attitude than its predecessors. Opening with the moody and atmospheric Time To Rise, Falling Red set the scene for what is to follow. And that is an onslaught of six awesome tracks, (most destined to be live favourites!) in the form of The Devil You Know, We Escaped A Cult, Break Me, Outcast, Disposable and title track Empire.... We Are Reckless follows, a track that will be familiar to most fans as it was released over the Internet a few months back as a teaser for the album. Reckless proves to be the weakest track so far too,not because its a bad song, just that its not quite as strong as its predecessors, and that's eight songs in! The quiality soon picks back up again with No Sanctuary, which flows nicely into Lonely Way To Die. The album finished with another blast of high octane attitude in the form of Change For No One, a song with some great twists and turns. Emoire of The Damned is cram packed with great songs, performed by a band both at the writting and performing peak! Top that with a great production and Falling Red have managed to deliver a strong candidate for album of the year in the form of Empire Of The Damned!

Very highly reconmended

Rating - 10/10

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