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Ginger Wildheart - G.A.S.S. Month 6 EP (2014)

Genre - Hard Rock / Pop / Punk / Alternative
Label - Self Released
Track listing:
01 - Don't Stop Loving The Music
02 - The Whiskey And You (Chris Stapleton / Tim McGraw Cover)
03 - Ostracide
Bonus Demos
04 - Bloodlust (Venom Cover)
05 - Molly O Mindy

So here we are at the midway point of Ginger Wildheart's phenomenally ambitious G.A.S.S. project, so lets recap, that's eighteen brand new tracks and twelve previously unreleased outtakes / demo tracks, amazing.
This month the new tracks lead off with Don't Stop The Music, a great track which opens with an awesome bouncy riff. The song features the talents of  Jon Poole (bass), Denzel (drums), Chris Catalyst (guitars and vocals), Jake Adams (vocals), and Jasmine Adams (vocals) and was once again mixed by Kevin Vanbergen. A great mid tempo rocker that I imagine is going to go down a storm live.
Next up we have Gingers cover of Chris Stapleton's The Whiskey And You (popularised by Tim McGraw) which is once again mixed by Kevin Vanbergen, and again features the talents of Jon Poole (bass), Denzel (drums) and Chris Catalyst (guitars and vocals). This time around the mix is a little more laid back, remember SilverGinger 5's cover of Somebody To Love? Well that's the sort of sound that they go for on this track, and it works really well, a nice contrast to it predecessor and whats to follow. The last of the new tracks on offer this month is Ostracide. Again this track is  mixed by Kevin Vanbergen, and again features the talents of Jon Poole (bass), Denzel (drums) and Chris Catalyst (guitars and vocals). I have to say that Ostracide is a blinder! Definitely one of the best songs that G.A.S.S. has produced so far. Opening with a blinding riff and big rock beat, I could really imagine The Wildhearts pulling off a stonking version of this one! It really is a stonker of a song with all of Gingers trademark big chorus's, tempo changes and did I mention, killer riffs! the subject matter of this one is a little personal, and obviously close to Ginger's heart, but what can I say? The song is a stonker!
Next up we have this months bonus demos / previously unreleased tracks, a cover of Venom's Bloodlust and a little gem called Molly O Mindy.

I'll let Ginger explain,
BLOODLUST – Born from a daft/drunken idea between me and Jones, this Venom classic was recorded as part of the first Mutation album. Jase Edwards, as well as producing, provides ripping axe solo action and Denzel proves that he’s an even better drummer than Abaddon. I loved singing/yelling this. Shouting my head off is where my heart lies and I curse the day I was ever born with an innate sense of melody.
Originally intended as a double A-side ‘Geordie’ single, expect a cover version of Angelic Upstarts “I’m An Upstart” at some point before the end of G·A·S·S·,
MOLLY O LINDY – Written as part of the session of songs to be presented to Alice Cooper, I feel sure that he would have done a fantastic version of this, further convincing me that he never even heard these tracks.
Imagine Bob Ezrin getting stuck into the production on this with Alice at his super creepiest? Hey, who knows? Maybe he’ll get wind of this demo this time around and check it out? Or maybe he’ll just ignore it again? Ha ha."

First I have to say that the cover of Bloodlust is awesome, reminding us of just how great an assembly of musicians Ginger pulled together for the Mutation projects, full of energy bile and dare I say Venom? True to the original but with a mutated Mutation stamp all over it!
Molly O Mindy, what can I say, I have been waiting years to hear these songs originally written for Alice Cooper, and the song doesn't disappoint! This as Ginger says above could have been huge for Alice, id love to hear Ginger give it a full blown Bob Ezrin production job, its awesome as it is here in this form but my God this song could be a huge Killer!

So once again five awesome tracks delivered and no dips in quality, amazing.
Come on sign yourselves up to G.A.S.S. you be disappointed!

Rating  - 10/10

G.A.S.S. the story so far:

Moth One:
01 - Everything
02 - That's a Nasty Habit That You've Got There
03 - Bloody Knees
Bonus Demos
01 - Ice
02 - The Jackson Whites (Original Home Demo)

Month Two:
01 - El Mundo (Slow Fatigue)
02 - Hellbound
03 - King Rat
Bonus Demos
01 - You Are The LIght
02 - How I Survived The Punk Wars (Demo)

Month Three:
01 - Only Henry Rollins Can Save Us Now
02 - Do You
03 - Petite Mort
Bonus Demos
01 - Friction In My System (Written For Alice Cooper)
02 - Patience And Gratitude

Month Four:
01 - Honour (feat Courtney Love)
02 - Down The Dip
03 - If You Find Yourself In London Town
Bonus Demos
01 - Melanchoholic
02 - Begin from Within (Original Demo)

Month Five:
01 - The Pendine Incident
02 - Carriageway Roses
03 - Brand New Original Sin
Bonus Demos
01 - Shine
02 - Superpowered Superfly (Original Demo)

Month Six:
01 - Don't Stop Loving The Music
02 - The Whiskey And You (Chris Stapleton / Tim McGraw Cover)
03 - Ostracide 
Bonus Demos
01 - Bloodlust (Venom Cover)
02 - Molly O Mindy (Written For Alice Cooper)

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