Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Architects Of Chaoz - League Of Shadows (2015)

Genre - Heavy Metal / Traditional Metal

Track listing:

01 - Rejected
02 - How Many Times
03 - Horsemen
04 - Switched Off (Released)
05 - Erase The World
06 - Dead Eyes
07 - Architects Of Chaoz
08 - When Murder Comes To Town
09 - Obsidian Black
10 - You've Been Kissed By The Wings Of The Angel Of Death
11 - Apache Falls
12 - Soldier Of Fortune (Deep Purple cover)

Ex Iron Maiden, Battlezone and Killers vocalist, Paul Di'Anno returns with his latest project, League of Shadows by Architects of Chaoz.
The band is basically Paul's German backing band, The Phantomz, which provides a kind of solid foundation from which the album has been crafted.
What can we expect from the Architects debut album? Well in my honest opinion, quite possibly the best traditional metal album to be released since Judas Priest's Painkiller! With League Of Shadows, the band have produced an album of twelve (eleven original and one cover), really strong songs.
With Paul in fine form and the band putting in a solid performance this album is pretty darn cracking from start to end!
The traditional fast opener sets the tone for the rest of the album. Di'Anno's voice is spot on, the riffs come quick and fast, and well its just a bloody cracking song!
Throughout the album you can hear the influences of Di'Anno's past projects from the obvious, Iron Maiden and Killers, to Balltezone and in the mellower moments of Switched Off (Released) even Dianno. (The 1984 solo project that Di'Anno put together). you can also hear other metal influences coming through such as Judas Priest, Helloween and Annihilator.  This album contains so many highlights it seems unjust to single any particular songs out but, Switched Off (Released), Erase The World, Obsidian Black, How Many Times and Dead Eyes are just awesome.
Another song that stands out is the Deep Purple cover "Soldier of fortune". I must say that the rough abrasiveness of Architects Of Chaoz sound gives the song an entirely new feel, whilst sticking to the blueprints of the original. Great cover.

Architects of Chaoz and League Of Shadows sees a real return to form for Paul Di'Anno and long may it last.

Very, Very Highly Recommended

Rating -10/10

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