Friday, 19 June 2015

The Scaramanga Six - The Terrifying Dream (2015)

Genre - Hard Rock / Alternative
Label - Pledge Music / Self Released
Track listing:
01 - Rules
02 - The Man Who Couldn't Sing
03 - Out Of My Tiny Mind
04 - The Outsider
05 - Arabella
06 - Citadel
07 - Seven Chances
08 - Starring At The Accident
09 - Tempest
10 - Blood On My Hands
11 - Be Nothing

And finally the wait is over, hot on the tails of the awesome three new E.P's, the brand spanking new album from The Scaramanga Six has arrived in the form of The Terrifying Dream.
And boy was it worth the wait!
Opening with the almost instrumental 'Rules', the band waste little time in setting the scene for what is to follow. Next up we get 'The Man Who Couldn't Sing' with its bond theme esque moments.  A terrific start to the album. 'Out Of My Tiny Mind' follows, slowing the tempo a little with its almost sixties psychedelic feel. Next we have 'The Outsider', an acoustically driven atmospheric track, with a real haunting feel. three minutes of eerie tripped out-ness! The absolutely awesome 'Arabella' follows, with its Jim Steinmen esque intro that builds into an instantly recognisable Scaramanga classic!
The mighty 'Citadel' is up next and what a track it is. Definitely the heaviest (and longest) track on the album with lots of bottom end! Opening up with a piano and whistled intro before all hell breaks loose! This song brings to mind some of Bill Ward's (ex Black Sabbath drummer) solo work as it definitely has a similar style and feel to it! No matter how you look at it this is one hell of a track, a true epic in every sense of the word.
'Seven Chances' follows, which sees the band return to their more familiar blue print with a great mid-tempo rocker. 'Starring At The Accident' is another instant Scaramanga classic, a truly wonderful song with some great lyrics throughout. Eerily haunting too.
'Tempest' is up next, a typical quirky Scaramanga track, with its stop start rhythm, which breaks into an almost ska / reggae beat in places.
The albums penultimate track comes in the form of 'Blood On My Hands'. This has to be one of my favourite Scaramanga Six songs to date, absolutely brilliant. Another brilliantly epic track.
The Terrifying Dream closes with 'Be Nothing', a beautiful slow track that builds into something really special.

I have to say that when coupled together with its three prequel E.P's, (Eye and Skin Machine, Worm Necklace and The Sleeper Must Awaken), The Terrifying Dream is a strong contender for the release of the year award!

Very Highly Recommended!!

Rating 10/10

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