Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Ginger Wildheart - Clout EP (2015)

Genre - Experimental / Hard Rock
Label - Pledge Music / Self Released
Track listing:
01- Nelson
02 - Benn
03 - Darwin
04 - You

Hmmm now this is a strange one. Clout is a free download Ep, one of the exclusive incentives to Ginger Wildhearts latest Pledge Music campaign, Songs & Words. Clout was recorded by Ginger and Jase Edwards at Jase's studio.
 I say this is a strange one because once again Ginger throws us a real curve ball with Clout. Four songs inspired by great heroes, but not in the usual hard rockin style that we have come to know Ginger for. Opening track, Nelson comes across as the bastard off spring of Clam Abuse and Mutation. Lots of loops and samples creating an interesting and rather unique soundscape. No real lyrics or vocal line here, just some crazy twists and turns. Interesting track.
Benn follows and is similar in style and feel to a rare Ginger track entitled Patience and Gratitude from a few years back. Opening with a monologue speech from Tony Benn. This melodic track has a great feel to, the speech working great as a spoken word kind of track. I'm loving this track!
Darwin is definitely the most unique track that I have ever heard. It just evolves through so many twists and turns its ridiculous and almost impossible to keep up with. The lyrics come in the form of Ginger quoting various quotes from Charles Darwin. A weird song that if I am honest I have difficulty wrapping my head around.
The Ep's closing track, You is inspired by, well inspired by You, and the incredible journey that you make in life. Its the most melodic track that the Ep offers, with Ginger providing a spoken word commentary on the miracle of life!
A brilliant song!

Clout is a really different EP, with Ginger once again keeping his fans on their toes. Unfortunatley I don't think that it is going to be for everyone. Personally I bloody well love it!

Well worth checking out

Rating - 9/10

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