Monday, 29 June 2015

BOHEMIAN LIFESTYLE - Madame Libertanah (2015)

Genre - Hard Rock
Track listing:
01 - Libertanah
02 - Fool's Mask
03 - A Brighter Day
04 - Woodlands
05 - Coming Back Around
06 - Wake up Call
07 - Wayward Hearts
08 - Superman
09 - Third Longstreet Groove
10 - Horror Show
Hailing from Stockholm, BOHEMIAN LIFESTYLE have released some singles and an EP in the last two years, and now "Madame Libertanah" is their first full length album.
"Madame Libertanah" is 100% melodic hard rock energy throughout with contrasts in tempo and heaviness.
Their songs are contagious, traditionally structured and predictable in a way that is wholeheartedly gratifying. A combination of '90s loud melodic guitars, '80s energy and a bit of '70s glam.
Songs like "Libertánah" and "A Brighter Day" are really good old-fashioned power-pop gems with a rocking sound. Then "Fool’s Mask", is a more powerful and rhythmic track. The band’s frontman, Pontus Klas Viberg, has a very charismatic and characteristic voice, very clean and precise.
"Woodlands" and "Coming Back Around" are high-quality melodic hard rock tracks, then the harder "Superman" is guaranteed to satisfy you riff cravings.
The songs on "Madame Libertanah" have a certain staying power that you won't find with most artists in this genre. This is one of those recordings I feel crosses all boundaries in the world of rock music. 
Like other hard rocking European bands that have came before them, Bohemian Lifestyle know the power of a good riff, and this album is chock block full of enough to keep air guitarists around the world throwing the windmill shape until their arms are ready to fall out of their sockets.
Additionally, the guys provide hooky melodies and catchy choruses to keep your body moving.
"Madame Libertanah" is unapologetically radio-friendly melodic rock and a hell of a lot of fun. It's vibe is so contagious, it practically yanks you out of your seat and commands you to move.

Well worth checking out

Rating - 8/10

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