Thursday, 9 June 2016

The Main Grains - Don't Believe Everything You Think (2016)

Genre - Hard Rock / Punk / Rock N Roll

Track listing:

01 - Unscrewed
02 - We're Happy (Around Here)
03 - Spend Your Money
04 - Fine By You
05 - I'd Rather Be In California
06- Teenage Kicks
07 - She's A Catch

Former Wildhearts and Yo Yo's bassist Danny McCormack returns with his new project The Main Grains, accompanied by John JJ Watt on Rhythm Guitar/Vocals , Ben Marsden on Lead Guitar/Vocals  and  Ginna Rhodes on Drums/Vocals, with Danny obviously handling Bass Guitar and vocal duties. How to best describe how The Main Grains sound, well imagine if you will a slightly more polished Yo Yo's sound and you be far off.
Don't Believe Everything You think is the bands debut release, and its a pretty solid one at that. Opening with lead single, Unscrewed, the guys set their stall out from the off as they work their way through a small selection of punk tinged rock n roll tracks. Their cover of Teenage Kicks is simply brilliant! She's A Catch could easily be mistaken for a Ramones track, and well the rest of the Ep is just as good.
I don't think that The Main Grains are going to be setting the world on fire any time soon but they do deliver good solid punk flavoured rock n roll, in the way that it should be delivered!

Well Worth Checking Out

Rating: 9/10

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