Friday, 31 July 2009

Glamour of the KIll - Glamour of the Kill EP Review

Glamour Of The Kill are a York based heavy metal or metalcore (if your prefer) who were formerly known as The Red Room Theory but they changed their name to "Glamour of the Kill" after a suggestion made by a friend of the band. The current line-up is made up of Davey Death (bass and vocals), Chris Carnage (guitar & vocals), Mikey Massacre (guitar and vocals) and Ben Brutal (drums).Glamour of the Kill present their debur mini album here, a 6 track Ep that clocks in at just under 20 minute in length.Whilst this Ep doesn't really bring anything fresh to the scene, it does serve it's purpose in this genre. Hardcore music, a mix of screams and vocals, some nice shredded guita solos, and a few catchy choruses, reminding me in many places of Bullet For My Valentine, but never sounding like rips offs. The EP opens up with a slow, but swift sounding Piano-based intro, an excellent mood setter which leads into the heavy intro of In Search For Salvation. A song which is a song packed with a fast set of verses and a slowed down chorus that just sticks in your head. The third track is So Who Said Romance Was Dead? The song name could infact be a reference to Parkway Drive's Romance Is Dead. The song is nothing too special but the mid-song shouts work pretty well. The solo towards the end is absolutlry brilliant and something they should be proud of. It's a great piece of music that leads into one hell of an outro. Next up is Kiss of Death. The start sounds a little bit like Hit The Floor by Bullet For My Valentine before it really starts. It gets quite slow when the verses begin and quite catchy when the chorus hits. A Hope In Hell starts with some catchy guitar riffs, but by this time the vocals are all starting to sound a little samey if you know what I mena, and that really does start to let the side down here. Last song on this is Rise From Your Grave. To be honest, this song is the highlight. It starts well, it goes well and it ends well. The catchiest so far. This is the only song the singer really stretches his voice on. If they were to do more songs like this, I think they could be onto something. This EP is by no means a bad EP, in fact I quite enjoyed it, sure it adds little to the genre but Glamour of the Kill show plenty of promise here, and if they can mix the vocals up a little more ala "Rise From Your Grave" then they really could be offering a great album.


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