Friday, 31 July 2009

Steel Panther - Feel The Steel Review

Ex-LA Guns singer Ralph Saenz's (aka Michael Starr) 80's tribute/parody band Steel Panther have been selling out South California's Key Club fairly regularly for some time now. Tongue in cheek humour, larger than life parody personas, and a wealth of on-stage celebrity guests (ranging from Tom morello, to Pink, to April Margera) helped them gain considerable recognition. It was only a matter of time until the guys landed themselves a record deal and set about recording their debut under the Steel Panther name. And what an album!The album opens with "Death To All but Metal", which most of you would have probably heard by now, if not, well its a great slab of glam/ sleaze rock circa 1987 - 1992 and brilliantly played,and i love the lyrics, you need to check this album out if only just for the lyrics to this song.Next up is Asian Hooker, which happens to feat guest appearences from buth Scott Ian (ANTHRAX) and Corey Taylor (SLIPKNOT!), and again is just another out and out rocker.Comunity Property is the next track, with its acoustic opening, and heartfelt lyrics, and to be honest the lyrics probably reflect the average frontmans attitude from back in the haydays of the glam and sleaze scene. Next up is my favourite track, Eyes of a Panther, another great rocker, just loving this song.Fat Girl (Thar She Blows) is up next and its just out and out WHITESNAKE!Eatin Aint Cheatin' is another fine rocker, followed Party All Day which if Bonjovi's Livin On Prayer, well almost! Turn Out The Lights picks up the tempo a little, even if its a lil moody, love this track (probably my second favourite on the disc!), with Its nob to mid period Bonjovi.Stripper Girl is another ballady track, acoustic openings building to the big rock finish. Good song.The Shocker is a plodding rocker, not a bad song but not the best on offer here.Girl from Oaklahoma tacks Extremes More Than Words as its main inspiaration, I doubt it will chart as well though....lolfeel the Steel closes with Hells on Fire, another great rocker, Bonjoviesque if they could remeber how to write rockers.This album is a great tongue in check album by a great tongue in check band, a more modern version of Spinal Tap if you will, with the theme being Glam/Sleaze's heyday and the subjec being sex, sex and more sex......The musicianship is amazing and the songs are all well crafted, in the styles of Kane Roberts (ex ALice Cooper) Whitesnake, Extreme and Bon Jovi!

rating 10/10 (go on have a laugh!!!!!!!!)

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