Sunday, 26 July 2009

Helsinki Seven Review

Helsinki Seven are an alternative trio hailing from North England, namely Chehire and Manchester, delivering a nice mix of pop-punk-rock which is still a lil rough around the edges and not sounding overly polished. At times Helsinki Sevn bring to mind The Pixes and Nirvana, but fortunatley never sound like a band trying to clone their idols, they just wear their influences loud and proud.Stand out tracks on this debut album have got to include, people without faces (pure simplicity from the guitars yet so effective!) or the slightly heavier Im Sparticus and Oh Salamander.If you like your music ala The Get up kids, Lost prophet, Jawbox, Biffy Clyro or Nirvana then Helsinki Seven might just be right up your street.An excellent debut album if not too ambitous, these guys could go far!rating 8/10

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