Friday, 31 July 2009

Sons Of Buddha - Buddha Hates Us All Review

Sons of Buddha come across as a kind of punky mix match of the Ramones, Beach Boys and The Eagles to me.Great catchy melodies that do stick in your head, and well some pretty darn good songs.The harmonised vocals are great singalongs, and the feel of most of the songs just gives you that great feeling you get when listening to the Ramones, even though i think the guitars are slightly heavier in the mix.Some of the stand out tracks are the funny as hell "Drunk Punk", the brilliant "I Hate Xmas", "Heartless Games" and "Playing Suicide.""Sons of Buddha" offer up a great fun punk romp with "Buddha Hates Us All", which is excellent from begining to end!The album clocks in at just under 33 minutes ala most great punk releases and unlike most punk albums where each song just seems to merge into the next and the one before, "Buddha Hates Us All" manages to provide enough variety to keep the listener interested all the way through to the end.These Guys must be a blast live!!!rating 10/10

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