Friday, 31 July 2009

Torpedohead - Lovesick Avenue Review

Torpedohead are born from the ashes of german sleaze merchants Nasty Idol whom only managed to release one Ep back in 2006. New band, new album and a new sound, because along with the bands name change theyve moved their sound away a little from the sleaze rock and bought more of a classic 70's rock feel to the front (ala Enuff Z'Nuff and The Dogs D'amour, but with a slightly heavier edge!)Lovesick Avenue really works for them too. The change in direction really suites Sven Spacebrain's voice, and the songs are all solid even if they offer nothing new to the genre, but theres no harm in that because what they do offer is great songs written and played from the gut.Some of the stand out tracks are, Wall Of Love", "Brand New Sinsation","The Devil Inside Her Eyes" and the excellent album closer that is a completely revamped version of Elvis Presley's "Burning Love". A great album, by a very good band, be sure to check these guys out!!rating 8/10

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