Sunday, 26 July 2009

Shake City - Shake City Review

I Bloody love this album!!
Shake City's new album isnt exactly new, with most of these tracks being recorded back in 1990/1991, but who cares. Every now and again you just find a cd that just hits all the right notes, and this is one of those.If you’re a fan of the L.A. strip bands back in the day you will adore this one. The tracks have that sensation of hair metal during the glory days, and enough attitude to pull it off in todays musical climate.All the tunes have great hooks, sweet guitar, and most of all vocal power. This one is a brilliantly exceptional release.The star name power behind this album is unbelievable, the album was produced by none other than WARRANT’s Erik Turner and KISS’s Tommy Thayer which gives a sound quality thats near-perfection.Warrants Jani Lane even pens the track Game Of War here too.Some of the stand out tracks include , Game Of War, sing-along tune Hot Love, the rocky Psychedelic Ride and the excellent opener One Good Reason.Once again Shake City offer up a great album here, which I Highly reconmend!rating 9/10

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