Saturday, 27 November 2010

Earl Grey and Croqet - From The 21st Century

(Genre - Classic Rock / Jam Band / Progressive Label - Independant)
Track Listing -
01 - Pappa Was A School Boy
02 - Lady Luck
03 - Is This Love
04 - Hard Pill
05 - The Circus
06 - Learning Line
07 - DG

Hailing from South Africa, Earl Grey and Croquet are a strange little band. They manage to mix so many genre's into the music yet maintain a mellow consistant sound. All the songs on this advance Ep are solid, but the stand out tracks for me are, Hard Pill, Learning Line and Lady Luck. The band’s mix of lightweight rock and indie pop should stand them in good stead with the general masses and maybe even help to get them some much needed radio airplay.
well Worth checking out!

website -
Rating - 8/10

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