Saturday, 27 November 2010

The Union - The Union

(Genre - Classic Rock / Blues Rock Label - Payola Records)

Track Listing

01 - Watch The River Flow
02 - Easy Street
03 - Saviour
04 - Step Up To The Plate
05 - Holy Roller
06 - You Know My Name
07 - Come Rain Come Shine
08 - Black Monday
09 - Amazon
10 - This Time Next Year
11 - Lillies
12 - The Space Between Us
13 - Everything You Want (Bonus)

The Union is a new project formed by former Thunder guitarist and main songwriter Luke Morley and ex-Winterville frontman Peter Shoulder.
Fans expecting a Thunder / Winterville album will be a tad disappointed Im sad to say, because whilst The Union still play that blues based rock that both aforementioned bands are famous for, they deliver it in a much more mature and laid back manner, giving The Union a distinctive sound. This is a new band with a great new sound, great songs and two excellent songwriters. Stand out tracks include, Easy Street, Saviour, Watch The River Flow, and This Time Next Year.
Very highly reconmended.

website -
Rating - 10/10

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