Saturday, 27 November 2010

Equal Loudness Curve - 440

(Genre - Rock Label - Independant)
Track Listing -
01 - Glad To See You
02 - Dusty Road
03 - Wicked Woman
04 - Summer moon
05 - I LIke It
06 - You Wont Catch Me
07 - try To Forget You
08 - I Know What I Said
09 - Hunter
10 - Down Here In The Sludge
11 - Common Sense
12 - Wasted

Honkey Tonk biker rock, is the immediate first impression I get upon hearing opening track So Glad To See You, and thats no bad thing, you can rock out to that kind of music every weekend down your local bikers pub. The problem is that whilst Canadian band Equal Loudness Curve have the sound nailed down, the songs aren't always that great, sometimes one track just seems to melt into the next and then the next, and thats the problem. I could honestly listen to this album over and over again, and thoroughly enjoy it, but as soon as its finished i doubt Id be able to remember anything about it, as although 440 is packed with basically solid songs, it lacks any stand out tracks which is unfortunate really.
If your in love with the biker rock you hear every weekend down at the local rock pub then check these guys out, if not, well dont.

Website -
Rating - 6/10

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