Saturday, 27 November 2010

Deluded By Lesbians - The Revolution of Species

(Genre - Alternative / Pop Punk / Rock Label - NEW MODEL LABEL - PIRAMES)
Track Listing -

01 - The Origin Of Delusion
02 - She Do Wanna
03 - Ringo Starr
04 - Dont Laugh For Me Argentina
05 - Nobody Knows
06 - Pompei
07 - C'mon Get In
08 - Crystal Balls
09 - Bird Watching
10 - Love Is Blind
11 - Revolution / Primary Needs
12 - We Dont Care
13 - United States Of Dekusion

Milan (Italy) based power trio, Deluded By Lesbians, have a kind of pop punk / NWoBHM feel about them. Every song is absolutley solid, filled with great riff and killer solos, and perfect meoldies. Lyrically these guys conjure up some pretty wierd images, but hey its rock n roll!
At times the band walk the fine line between humour and bad taste, like on Love Is Blind, but always manage to stay on the right side of cheesey and never quite become as offensive as they may seem to be heading.
You get an album filled with great tunes by a band showing lots of promise, well worth checking out. Fans of early Green day should check these guys out, and fans off Offspring and NWoBHM could do far worse than giving these guys a spin!

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Rating - 8/10