Saturday, 27 November 2010

Stray - Valhalla

(Genre - Rock Label - Angel Air)

Track Listing -
01 - Move A Mountain
02 - Dirty Finger
03 - 1600 Penneylvania Avenue
04 - Free At Last
05 - Harry Farr
06 - Skin
07 - Double Six
08 - Ghostwriter
09 - Sing (the Song)
10 - Rainy Day Blues
11 - 24/7
12 - You

Stray have been around for something like 40 years, and although they have never really been a house hold name they have always managed to produce good solid rock.
Vahalla is their first release of new material in years and what an album, possibly their strongest to date. Produced by Chris Tsangarides (Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy, Anvil) Valhalla, opens with two big guns blazing in the form of Move A Mountain and Dirty Finger. Yes I will agree that lyrically Stray veer very close to Spinal Tap at times but the music is always solid and the songs so strong that they can get away with it.
Vahalla isnt a come back album, its a reminder of just what a great band Stray are!
The line up of Del Bromham on Guitar, Stuart Uren on Bass and Karl Randall on Drums is probably the best there has ever been, aside from the original line up of course.
If you have never heard of Stray before and like real rock played loud, buy this album and enjoy, if you are already a Stray fan this is a must for your collection.
Highly reconmended

website -
rating - 9/10

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