Saturday, 27 November 2010

Notorious - Radio Silence (2010 re-issue)

(Genre - rock / aor Label - Angel Air)
Track Listing,

01 - Radio Silence
02 - The S'Walk
03 - Arianne
04 - You Need More
05 - Better The Devil You Know
06 - Do Like A Man
07 - Losing You
08 - Its Energy
09 - The Games Up
10 - Eyes Of The World
11 - I Believe In You
12 - Touch
13 - Soul On Fire
14 - Love Fades
15 - Good Time

Notorious was a project put together by guitarist Robin George (Phil Lynott, David Byron, Magnum) and vocalist Sean Harris (Diamond Head) back in the late 80's and became caught up in record company politics eventually seeing the band getting droped and the album deleted a matter of weeks after its original release. The duo went into the studio to knock out a melodic rock record but the album was mixed, remixed and, with the changing of the sounds, the music lost the duos original intent. Now for the first time, thanks to the guys over at Angel Air Records we are presented with the digitally remastered and expanded edition of the albums original demo recordings, that finally allow us to hear exactly what Robin and Sean had in mind.Most of the songs have stood up well to the test of time, showcasing the songwritting quality that Notorious bought together.
There is a great mix of melodic rock styles presented here, from the riff driven Radio Silence, to the funky groove of songs like The S'walk, to the blueset comercial tracks like Arianne and You Need More. Ron Georges guitar work is amazingly versatile, providing Sean Harris with the perfect platform to let his voice really shine. Sean himself sings with a crisper cleaner style than his previous work with Diamong Head.
A Great album that could have been a massive comercial success had it not been for the politics at Geffen records back in the day. Well worth checking out, Very highly reconmended.
Now if Angel Air records could persuade Sean Harris to allow them to release the album he recorded with Diamond Head back in 2004 before leaving the band Id be a very happy bunny!

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rating - 9/10

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