Monday, 28 March 2011

Electric Boys - And Them Boys Done Swang

Genre - Hard Rock / Funk / Psychadelic Rock
Label -Supernova, JVC (Victor Entertainment), Universal

01. Reeferlord
02. My Heart's Not For Sale
03. Father Popcorn's Magic Oysters
04. Angel In An Armoured Suit
05. Ten Thousand Times Goodbye
06. The House Is Rockin'
07. Welcome To The High Times
08. Sometimes U Gotta Go Look For The Car
09. Put Your Arms Around Me
10. The Day The Gypsies Came To Town
11. Rollin' Down The Road
12. A Mother Of A Love Story
13. Chickalicious (Japanese Bonus Track)
14. Down On Shakin' Street (Japanese Bonus Track)
15. Nowhere To Go But Up (Japanese Bonus Track)

Sweden’s Electric Boys were one of the first and most celebrated purveyors of the short-lived funk metal phenomenon of the late ’80s and early ’90s. Led by charismatic singer and guitarist Conny Bloom and with a splash of beatle-esque pop-psychedelia, the quartet garnered rave reviews and built an impressive following in Europe & America. Their creative juices were also quickly spent, causing the band to disintegrate into obscurity after only three albums. Guess what? They’re back!! By God they’re back with an album stocked full to the brim of future Electric Boys classics on the making. The band is tight and well-oiled, and they do swing! The songs as always are of the highest standard, hey Conny kept himself busy during the bands down time, touring with Ginger (Wildhearts) band SilverGinger5, Gingers solo band, writing recording and touring with Hanoi Rocks as well as producing his own solo material! There's not a bad track on this album, and long term fans of the band should love it! Favorite tracks for me tend to include the rockier tracks like, Reeferlord, The House Is Rockin, My Heart’s Not For Sale, and Welcome To The High Times, although softer tracks like Ten Thousand Times Goodbye, have a special magic all of their own. A great band and a fine comeback album, well worth checking out!

Website - Electric Boys
Rating - 10/10

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