Sunday, 26 June 2011

Dustineyes - Bullet For My Generation

Genre – Hard Rock / Metal / Punk / Sleaze
Label – logic(il)logic

Track listing –
01. Bullet For My Generation
02. Wild 'N' Alone
03. Get Away
04. This Is My Ring
05. Bet With Life
06. No Redemption
07. Eyes In The Jar
08. Spinning On My Hell
09. Sick Of You
10. Joe
11. Under The Ashe

Okay, imagine Hardcore Superstar covering Motorhead, well that’s as close as I can get to describing the sound of Dustineyes. With Bullet For My Generation the band have unleashed on hell of a rocking album, and yes many of the songs can blend into each other, but the sheer energy and vibe really does disguise this minor faux par. Great hard rock with a sleazy punky edge is the best way to describe what come out of the speakers when you put this cd on your system. The lyrics can be a little hard to make out at times with the vocals sometimes sounding a little like Southpark’s Cartmen doing Lemmy impressions, but it all sounds good to me!
Thoroughly enjoyable

Website – Dustineyes
Rating – 8/10

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