Sunday, 26 June 2011


Genre - Melodic Rock / AOR / Blues /Pop
Label - Angel Air Records

Track listing -

01. Dusty Track
02. If You Dare
03. Say Never
04. Emis Song
05. Fire And Water
06. Tears Run Dry
07. Kids
08. Heroes
09. Nobody Knows
10. If You Dare (version 2)

"LUTHER GROSVENOR a.k.a ARIEL BENDER past reads like a who's who of the rock elite. A member of SPOOKY TOOTH, STEALERS WHEEL, WIDOWMAKER and MOTT THE HOOPLE he has constantly delivered a performance as a guitarist that rates amongst the finest. Luther has always rewritten the guitar players rule book, simply by remembering that technique isn’t everything: you have to have some fun as well.
Having released over the years a number of solo albums Luther has been recording for the past year the "If You Dare" album which captures both his stunning guitar playing as well as his substantial song writing and vocal talents."

Here we have a stunning peice of melodic rock / bluesy pop, written and performed by a true veteren of the industry.
Every song is a well crafted masterpeice, with tracks like If i Dare, Dusty Track and Heroes really standing out

An album well worth checking out!

Website - Angel Air
Rating - 10/10

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