Sunday, 26 June 2011

Hollywood Killerz - Dead On Arrival

Genre – Hard Rock / Glam / Sleaze
Label – logic(il)logic

Track listing –
01. 700.000
02. Grey Celebrations
03. Luxury Depression
04. Girls ® Dead
05. How (Could I)
06. Going Down
07. Somewhere Out Of This Mind
08. All Tomorrow's Parties
09. Over And Over
10. Through The Sand
11. Our Memories May Be Right
12. Lovecrash
13. More Than It Hurts You

Italian sleaze / glam / hard rockers Hollywood Killerz unleash Dead On Arrival upon the world, and well, it’s not at all bad. I can truly imagine fans of Alice Cooper, Dogs d’ Amour, Michael Monroe and Demolition 23 falling in love with this album. Straight up sleaze rock with a punky edge. This album is filled with catchy melodies punctuated by spiky guitars, sleaze heaven!
The only faults I can really pick out here are that, one there’s nothing really new on offer here, it’s all been done before, but Hollywood Killerz do it very well! And two, a problem for a lot of European vocalists where English is not their native language, sometimes the pronunciation of certain lyrics can be off, but that said it does add a little something to the all over charm of the songs.
If you like your rock downright dirty and truly sleazy then check out this album!

Website - Hollywood Killerz
Rating – 8/10

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