Sunday, 26 June 2011

Le Reverie - Truth & Lies

Genre – Hard Rock / Alternative / Modern Rock / Gothic
Label – Independent?

Track listing –

01 – Hold Me Down
02 – Truth & Lies
03 – Ghost of You

I couldn’t find out much about the band Le Reverie, except that they’re an American female fronted band, who was touted for break out sing of the year with Hold Me Down.
The band has a song writing style that is very similar to bands like Evanescence and System of a Down, yet unique and potent enough to warrant interest. Most of the tracks are piano led, with fuzzy guitars providing Zepplin style riffs all over them. This is an Ep that you need to listen to once or twice, it’s not immediately instant, to me anyway, but with repeated listens the songs give up their magic, and the songs are very well written and performed. Vocalist Allie Jorgen, has a great voice very much in the vein of female rock legends Pat Benatar, Ann Wilson and Amy Lee.
Truth & Lies is an interesting little Ep, cant wait to hear the debut album when it’s released.

Web Site:
Rating – 8/10

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