Sunday, 26 June 2011

Lost In Vegas - A State Of Mind

Genre – Alternative / Modern Rock
Label – Independent

Track listing –

01. Wash Away
02. Nothing
03. Looking Back
04. Breathe
05. Chasing The Dragon
06. The World Is Ending

Tamworth rockers deliver up their second release with A State Of Mind, following up 2006’s Addiction.
Here we have a pretty solid selection of 6 tracks with Chasing The Dragon (Not a cover of the LA Guns track of the same name!) and The World is Ending proving to be the strongest on offer, although to be fair the other four are very solid, just not quite as grasping in my honest opinion.
Sound wise, Lost In Vegas deliver up the usually meaty Alternative Rock riffs, with some catching melodies liberally sprinkled over the top that wouldn’t be out of place on a Green Day release. Chris Lynch's vocals occasionally leave a little to be desired, but there is plenty on offer here to like, well worth checking out!

Website - Lost In Vegas
Rating – 9/10

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