Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Deep Purple - Now What?! (2013)

Genre - Hard Rock / Classic Rock / Heavy Metal
Label -

Track listing -

01 - A Simple Song
02 - Weirdistan
03 - Out Of Hand
04 - Hell To Pay
05 - Body Line
06 - Above And Beyond
07 - Blood From A Stone
08 - Uncommon Man
09 - Apres Vous
10 - All The Time In The World
11 - Vincent Price
12 - It'll Be Me (Bonus Track)

The legendary Deep Purple, (well Ian Gillans current versoin of it anyway), return with their latest offering in the form of Now What?!
To be fair its a very strong and solid album, and not as predictable as one might expect. Now What?! shows that the current incarnation of the band still have plenty to offer as its crammed with great (and very strong!) songs. The musicianship, it goes with out saying,  is absolutley top notch, Ian Gillan's voice is in fine form and the production really does allow the songs to shine. Upon initial listens I dont really see any obvious songles but thats of no real matter as Deep purple like their contemporaries Led Zepplin and Black Sabbath were always an album, as opposed to singles band.
There are plenty of highlights on offer here, from the albums opening track, A Simple Song, which opens with a riff that is very reminicent of Iron Maidens Dance Of Death, Wierdistan, the swift tempoed Hell To Pay, the bluesey Body Line, the epic Uncommon Man and horror themed Vincent Price.
There really is something on offer here to suit everyone.

Highly reconmended for existing fans of Deep Purple and any one curious about one of the founding bands of the heavy metal genre!

Rating 10/10

Catch Deep Purple on their Now What?! 2013 World Tour

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