Monday, 24 March 2014

THE TREATMENT - Running With The Dogs [Deluxe Edition] (2014)

Genre - Hard Rock
Label -Spinefarm Records

Track listing:

01. I Bleed Rock + Roll
02. Drop Like A Stone
03. Get The Party On
04. Running With The Dogs
05. The Outlaw
06. Emergency
07. She's Too Much
08. Cloud Across The Sun
09. Don't Look Down
10. World On Fire
11. What Is There To Say?
12. Unchain My World
13. Don't Get Mad Get Evil

Bonus CD:
01. Way Of The World
02. The Seeker
03. She Does It Right
04. No Matter What
05. In My Chair
06. Running With The Dogs (Acoustic)
07. I Bleed Rock + Roll (Acoustic)

UK rockers The Treatment are a band who have lived a somewhat charmed life so far, their debut album,
,This Might Hurt,  was recorded in the studio of Steve Harris from Iron Maiden and in the last couple of years the guys have supported some of the biggest bands around, including opening for Motley Crue and Kiss  across the USA, not too bad for five guys from Cambridge, UK.
The band have now managed to find time in their busy touring schedule to return to the studio and record this new album entitled "Running With The Dogs"

Once again the bands influences shine through, including almost a who's who of the classic rock past,
from the likes of AC/DC, Def Leppard, Thin Lizzy, UFO, The Cult, and well the list goes on!

The album opens with the great one two punch of I Bleed Rock + Roll and Drop Like A Stone, both high octane rockers that really set the mood for what looks to be a great album. Next up is Get The Party On, another great good time track that see's the tempo slow a little, yet maintains the albums party atmosphere.All three of the album's opening tracks are sure to become live favourites!
Title track, Running With The Dogs slows the tempo further, yet still has the power and punch to keep party going, with its Babylon AD feel. Another great song is  Emergency which nods in Def Leppard’s direction, continues the albums fun feel whilst The Outlaw, with its excerpt from the old Wild West before hitting the mean streets of downtown LA circa 1985, shows that there are more than one string in the The Treatments Bow!
The album isn't all just out and out party rock though, the laid back, prophetic Cloud Across The Sun, and the blistering raucous advice of Don’t Get Mad Get Evil, offer up enough textures to prevent the album from ever feeling repetitive and "samey'.
Its definitely worthwhile tracking down the  Dogs Deluxe Edition of the album as it features a bonus disc with a lot of bonus  material to enjoy, from  the raucous "Way Of The World", the melodic and bluesy "The Seeker", the emotional and Aerosmith-like "No Matter What", a solid acoustic version of title track and more.
Running With The Dogs is a great follow up the the bands acclaimed debut, and see's them beginning to fulfil some of their doubtless potential!

Rating - 9/10

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