Friday, 25 April 2014

Babylon A.D. - Lost Sessions Fresno, CA 93 (2014)

Genre - Hard Rock
Label - Perris Records

Track listing:

1 - Love Blind
2 - While America Sleeps 
3 - Love Is A Mystery 
4 - Bang Go The Bells

After a long hiatus hard rockers BABYLON A.D. (a band of which I have been a fan since before their self-titled, 1990 debut album) has re-united with all original members and are releasing a new EP: "Lost Sessions Fresno, CA 93".
The band has several dates booked across the states in support of the new EP and will be playing the Firefest Rock Festival in Nottingham, England on Oct 25th 2014.
"Lost Sessions Fresno, CA 93" includes songs that were lost until recently when a tape titled “Fresno 93” was found in an old memorabilia chest singer Derek Davis has kept over the years.
After a good listen it was obvious the band had to get the songs to their dedicated fans as a collector’s item and great piece of their history, playing and songwriting work.
There's 3 new tracks; "Love Blind, "While America Sleeps", and "Love Is A Mystery", plus a new version / remix / mastering of Babylon A.D. biggest hit "Bang Go The Bells".
The songs are all pure hard rocking bangers with infectious guitar riffs from Ron Freschi and Dan De La Rosa, killer vocals from Davis and the steady back bone of Robb Reid on bass and James Pacheco on the drums. Babylon A.D. is a great (and truly underrated) band, and I'm glad they're back to rock us. "Lost Sessions Fresno, CA 93" only features four songs, but man, they smoke.
Only a few thousand hard copy CDs have been released and only available at Perrisrecords website. This will be a rare collectors item soon, so hurry up.
If you're a fan of late '80s / early '90s hard rock, this is definitely for you. And for those too young to remember, this is a great primer.
Very Recommended.

Rating - 9/10

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