Friday, 25 April 2014

Dirty Skirty - Rebel (2014)

Genre - Hard Rock / Sleaze / Classic Rock
Label -  Self Released

Track listing:

01. Take It or Leave It
02. Devil Dancer
03. Rockin' You 2 Pieces
04. Dr. Dirty
05. Candy Land
06. Always My Girl
07. Girls Got Rhythm
08. Tallahassee
09. My Way Or The Highway
10. Rocking Man
11. You've Got It & I Want It

In 2010, hard rockers DIRTY SKIRTY from Tallahassee, Florida, quietly released independently their debut album and, proud of their accomplishment, decided to put the band to rest. But something happened... suddenly, and thanks to a mouth to mouth recommendation the album sales started to escalate and gave the guys the motivation to continue their dreams.
So, 2014 sees Dirty Skirty releasing their sophomore CD "Rebel", a more than interesting slice of traditional American Hard Rock.
Dirty Skirty wears their influences on their sleeves, digging deep into the well of classic melodic hard rock, channeling everybody from Aerosmith to Guns 'N Roses, from Motley Crue to AC/DC (they do a nice cover of "Girls Got Rhythm").
Throw in a bit of Lynyrd Skynyrd meets .38 Special southern moves within the greasy "Tallahassee" and "Candy Land" (that reminds me of Junkyard), and you have a notion of their sound.
And don't forget some of that Eighties sleazy hard rock swagger as it comes with "You've Got It & I Want It", "Rockin' You 2 Pieces", and the dangerously addictive, party rocker, "Devil Driver" in a Twisted Sister vein.
"Someday I'm gonna write me a little bit of record, ain't no one ever gonna hear", Luke Stephens sings during "Tallahassee", and its sadly closer to the truth than any of us want to admit.
Dirty Skirty's "Rebel" may have not much press buzz or promotion, but certainly deserves your attention. It rocks, it's played with flesh & blood, and all songs are appealing in one way or another.
Unfortunately, considering the nature of the American music industry and their penchant for crappy bands, this album will probably fall on deaf ears. So give the modern mainstream the middle finger and buy this album.
Very Recommended.

Rating - 8/10

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