Friday, 25 April 2014

Heavy Tiger - Saigon Kiss (2014)

Genre -Hard Rock
Label - Heavy Tiger Music

Track listing:

01 - Saigon Kiss
02 - Chinatown
03 - I'm Alive
04 - Seven Days Fool
05 - Mover
06 - Robber Of Love
07 - Girls Got Balls
08 - Little Sister
09 - Talk Of The Town

HEAVY TIGER is a new all-girl three piece hard rock band from Stockholm presenting their debut CD "Saigon Kiss".
Formed in 2010 and after a 2-sided single, the trio consisting of really young ladies Maja Linn Samuelsson (vocals and guitar), Sara Frendin (bass) and Astrid Cars Bring (drums) recorded the album at Nicke Andersson's (The Hellacopters, Imperial State Electric) studio Gutterview located in Sweden, produced by legendary Sandinavian metal drummer Fred Estby.
Heavy Tiger is preceded by laudatory comments about their kick-ass shows and energetic stage presence, and the truth is that can be appreciated through most the nine songs of "Saigon Kiss".
The initial and really cool title track as well as the adrenaline fuelled cuts "Chinatown" and "Seven Days Fool", the sassy "Girls Got Balls" and finally the sing-along "Little Sister" are all solid and convincing numbers.
However, there are also some songs that are a little plain and generic such as "Robber Of Love" or the insipidly poppy "Talk Of The Town".
It's true that a rocking band not always needs to drive the pedal to the metal all the time to keep things cool, but when you play straight hard rock with a rebel attitude as Heavy Tiger, you need to be focused to not lost something in the middle. And this is the problem with the girls when they try to sound more 'friendly' as on the aforementioned tracks.
Anyway, "Saigon Kiss" is a nice 'n cool debut by Heavy Tiger, and a welcomed new female rock act to the scene.
"Saigon Kiss" shows that the prominent Swedish rock scene has got a really lovely shot in the arm in the form of a young and hungry band with what may well be the next generation of Joan Jett and alike. This debut album yielded clearly wanting more and I'm quite sure that Heavy Tiger will enjoy success in the future, both in Scandinavia and abroad.
File under The Runaways, Joan Jett, Suzi Quatro, Girlschool, Rock Goddess, etc - if you like these, you will enjoy "Saigon Kiss".

Enjoyable debut but not likely to set the world on fire any time soon.

Rating 7/10

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