Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Electric Boys - Starflight United (2014)

Genre - Hard Rock / Glam Rock / Funk Rock
Label - Ninetone Records.

Track listing:

01 - Spaced Out
02 - Desire
03 - If Only She Was Lonely
04 - Life Is So Electric
05 - Tramp
06 - Ain't No Gettin' Over You
07 - Junk In The Trunk
08 - Gangin' Up
09 - Lucy Fur
10 - BASF
11 - Starflight United
12 - 59 High Mountain St.

Swedish rockers, Electric Boys return with their brand new album, Starflight United released through Ninetone Records. Their 2011 comeback album marked a warm return for the band many gaining great critical acclaim from the press and fans alike, Starflight United looks set to continue the trend!
Starflight United is more rock 'n roll than funk this time around,  but the funk 'n roll is still there in tracks like Junk In The Trunk and the ridiculously catchy Tramp.
We also find a mix of funky grooves with melodic rock on the jumpin' BASF (Born Again Super Funky), while title track Starflight United adds some psychedelia to its hard rock foundation. But its that hard rockin' edge that's been bought to the forefront on tracks like, opener Spaced Out,  Desire, the bluesy upbeat If Only She Was Lonely and the terrific ballad Ain't No Gettin' Over You, all with a feel that Aerosmith would be proud of! Gangin' Up rocks with a glammy rhythm, and the midtempo Lucy Fur has a beatlesque melody with a nice guitar work. The album ends with the groovy 59 High Mountain St., a jammin' track with a 'lively' vibe.
Electric Boys 2014 sound is modernised and brought right up to date, but retains their hard rock roots, with the signature funk/swing waves the band delivered throughout earlier releases that made them so distinct.
Starflight United proves that Electric Boys are alive and kicking, with Conny Bloom and the guy's still having so much to offer!
This is probably one of the best good time rock albums that will be released in 2014

Very VERY HIGHLY Recommended

Rating - 10/10

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