Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Soul Doctor - Way Back To the Bone

The music of Soul Doctor is to be categorised as traditional hard rock and has (sometimes) many AC/DC-influences. The vocals of Heart remain very strong, as well as the guitar parts of Chris Lyne but at times the songs just fall a little short of the mark. The mid-tempo ‘First Man On The Moon’ is a good example of what you can expect on ‘Way Down To The Gone’: a very straightforward hard rock song which is easy to listen to but nothing more than that, which unfortunately is the case with many of the songs on offer here. By no means are they bad songs, they're easy to listen too, but also just as easy to forget when they stop playing. Its a pity really because there is a hell of a lot of talent on display here!

Sorry but for die hard fans only and fans of Tommy Heart!

rating 7/10

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