Thursday, 21 January 2010

Platic Tears - Nine Lives Never Dies

Plastic Tears, a rock band founded in Helsinki, Finland in the 90’s release their new album through Propaganda Records. Nine Lives Never Dies is classic rock, but its still hard to categorize. The music has influences from glam rock, pop, punk and other elements

of which the own and personal sound of the Plastic Tears is formed. Comparisions from New York Dolls to Hanoi Rocks and so on, have been thrown around and thats understandable but they still manage to sound like themselves.

The bands strenght lies in having a timeless rock’n’roll sound and good songs that differ in style. Variety is always the spice of life! This albums line up has been stable since 2006 and that stability is showing in the improved songwritting,

If you like Hanoi Rock, New York Dolls or even Dogs D A'mour then I think you'll love these guys!

rating 8/10

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