Wednesday, 27 January 2010

M.A.D. - For Crown and Ring

With an album title that bring to mind Manowar, this should be interesting!

M.A.D. come from Germany and were formed in 2003. Since then they have released an EP called "Ready To Stop?!" (2006) and a full-length album called "M.A.D. (Maniacal Area Damage)" (2007). "For Crown And Ring"is their second album.

The lead vocals from Jochen S. Bach bear more than a passing resemblance to the legendary late Bon Scott (ACDC), which is great.

The album comprises of 10 songs that sound like a mix of MANOWAR, ACCEPT, HAMMERFALL and AC/DC, which is an interesting mix. All the songs are brilliant and fun, especially the title track, even if the lyrics are at times a little cliched. A great album whose hearts hark back to a time when men were men and metal was fantasy fuelled METAL!

An absolutely brilliant album!

rating 10/10

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