Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Fozzy - Chasing The Grail

Fozzy is the band featuring WWE Wrestling Superstar Chris Jericho and Stuck Mojo mastermind Rich 'The Duke' Ward! "Chasing the Grail" is Fozzy's 4th Studio album and the first for Riot Entertainment. Chris Jericho's profile is at an all time high, he is one of the most prominent wrestlers of all time and his star continues to rise. Wrestler, Singer, Actor, TV Host, Best Selling Author, # 1 Twitter Trend, you name it he has done it. Fozzy is an established Metal act with a strong and loyal following. On "Chasing the Grail" Fozzy blend old and new school Metal with sizzling musicianship!

Jericho really does have a suprising good voice, and where as you may expect Fozzy to end up being a bit of a joke band they really are very very good!

The album opens with "Under Blackened Skies" which doesn't waste time getting down to business with its rapid fire riffs. "Let the Madness Begin" has a sweet Led Zeppelin homage in its guitar solo. "Broken Soul" is a ballad with a lyrical emphasis on reflection. The single, "Martyr No More" has a riff that recalls the great Dimebag Darrell and lyrics which are perfect for telling someone off. Finally, there is the thirteen minute epic, "Wormwood" which should please Prog Rock and Dream Theatre fans.

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Rating 10/10

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