Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Diamond Head - The MCA Years (3 CD Boxset)

This is not just another Diamond Head compilation. Featuring remastered versions of Borrowed Time and Canterbury, unreleased demos and live performances, it provides a great summary of the band post the legendary White Album. Clearly a must for any DH fan and recommended for any fans of great songs, killer riffs and classic rock vocals. Buy it and experience a band who for too short a time could have been "the natural successors to Led Zepellin".

The 'Borrowed Time' remastered pressing in this box does sound a touch brighter than my trusty old vinyl and you get four Radio 1 sessions and the remaining three 'Four Cuts' EP tracks as a bonus, making this something of a real pleasure to rediscover on CD.

1983 and album number two, 'Canterbury', This CD is bolstered by three demo tracks, which oddly sound more like 'Borrowed Time' outtakes, (can anyone shed some light here on their origins?) and a 'Makin' Music' remix, but to finally have a copy of 'Canterbury' on CD is worth every penny of this handsome looking clam shell box set, that incidentally also comes bolstered with a very extensive booklet and mini LP sleeve reproductions (sadly no gatefold on Borrowed Time).

Disc three is made up of two Radio One In Concert live broadcasts from the 'Borrowed Time' era, and finally sees the Reading 1982 Manowar replacing headline set available once again on CD.

A Great set!

rating 10/10

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