Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Gypsy Pistoleros - Hotel de la Muerte

The Gypsy Pistoleros return with their new mini album, Hotel de la Muerte, and what a blast it is! Gypsy Pistoleros manage to blend flamenco, glam, punk, rumba and rock n roll, and they get a wonderful sound out of the mix!

The album opens with 'Welcome To The Hotel de la Muerte', a great blast of energy and tempered fury, a really great song and excellent opener!

Next up is 'Living Down With Gyspsies', which has a beautiful flamenco / spanish guiatr opening before lurching into another great blast of Pistolero fun!

This is quickly followed by 'Sangre De Las Rosas, a beautiful ballad, which allows the band to showcase their more sensitive side. Next up is 'Walk Through The Shadows', which is a great moody melodic rocker with some great sneering vocals!.

' Son of Illussiones' closes off this mini album in pretty much the same manner as it started. A great blast of Pistolero fun!

Rating 10/10

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