Thursday, 21 January 2010

Antiproduct - Please Take Your Cash

Antiproduct have been around for what seems like an age, always threatening to break through into the big leagues but never quite making it, that my friends may be about to change!

Please Take Your Cash is the best album the guys have ever pit out. Its a bright, uplifting pop rock album with songs that are strong enough to tackle a herd of charging rhinos!

Imagine the Beach Boys playing contemporary pop rock with a slight punk edge, its perfect.

Surfing The World sets the standard, a great 3 minute blast of pure pop rock harmonising fun! Arms Around The World is a slightly dirtier, sludgier track that works just as well!

Next up is one of my old favourites, Best Day Of Your Life, "And tomorrow is gonna be even better", sentence the lyrics. Talk of positive lyrics for a song, it really makes you feel like something totally special just happened, something that changed your life and you’re going to remember. Parties All Over The World is a less chaotic, but nonetheless special pop rock gem where Alex's vocal chords really shine. Bungee Jumping People Die is yet another classic. Antiproduct pile on the Beach Boy comparisons with a cover of their classic Good Vibrations, a song that I swear sounds even better than the original!

Tell Me What You Want has an almost Cheaptrick-esque intro which is so good that the chorus is almost a bit of a let down. Another good pop punk piece anyway which keeps getting better all the way up until the end. Let’s Get It On just can’t be described in words. This song is so silly it’s simply genius! This is followed by a ballad, When We Find Love, which starts off all romantic and we’re all waiting for a kick “System of a Down” style but it’s actually an out and out ballad and it’s a bloody fine song!

I Will Not Go Quietly is the last song proper, and ends the album with a fine metallic blast.

Run Out is just that, 6 seconds of silence and Girls Talk is a minute and three quarters of girls talking, hmmm ok.

Please Take Your Cash is a great album which I highly recommend to fans of the pop rock punk genre's, I swear this is the strongest thing that AntiProduct have ever put out!

The guest musicians reads like an independent musics who's who, with the album featuring spots from, Drumming legend Robin Guy, uber-talented rock-slut Chris Catalyst… even Jamie Oliver, (although i doubt this is the Tv Chef lol)

the album is a truly in dependant release, No label, major or independent. Produced by no other than Sylvia Massy, who worked with the likes of Johnny Cash, System of a Down and Tool, “Please Take Your Cash” can be bought directly here ANTIPRODUCT.COM - PLEASE TAKE YOUR CASH, or you can find Antiproduct on MySpace AntiProduct on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads or Facebook AntiProduct
Facebook and message Alex or Claire to get their Paypal account and order your copy. Apparently, half way through the first print (I think they’re now sending out the second lot) Alex had made 20% of the cash he made with Life Sex & Death when they were signed on Warner, so cutting the middle man is definitely paying off. One more reason to order this concentrate of legal amphetamine and find out more about Antiproduct.

I love Antiproduct, and I love this album!

Once again, get your copy here, it doesn’t get more independent than this: ANTIPRODUCT.COM - PLEASE TAKE YOUR CASH

rating 10/10

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