Monday, 6 December 2010

Illuminatus - Glasnost

(Genre - Rock / Metal / Alternative Label - Headroom Records)
Tracklisting -
01 - Glasnost
02 - Murderocracy
03 - Division
04 - Reconnect
05 - Cave In
06 - Keep Calm and Carry On
07 - You'll Never Know What This Means
08 - Red
09 - Gosling
10 - Clarity
11 - Wolves

Illuminatus are a multinational band, dealing in loud, melodic yet heavy soundscape’s, and bloody good rock tunes to boot. Every song comes complete with power, melody and most important of all, atmosphere. Illuminatus build each song up, before flooring you with the sheer power and quality of the material. The band consists of, Julio Taylor (Vocals/Guitar), Jon Martin (Guitar), Felix Rullhusen (Drums), Leo Giovazzini (Bass, but at times sound like there are hundreds of members building the sound wall that assaults (in the best possible way)your ears. Julio's vocals range from a Kory Clarke (Warrior Soul) type scream, to the beautifully soft and gentle.
There is not a bad track on this album, but some of the standout tracks include, Murderocracy, Reconnect and You'll Never Know What This Means.
Given the right breaks this band could be huge, they have the perfect mix between melody and power, and write some cracking tunes!
Check 'em out.

website -
Rating - 9/10

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