Monday, 20 December 2010

Kidd Skruff - Angels With Dirty Faces

Genre - Metal / Hard Rock
Label - SUNCITY Records

Tracklisting -
01. Sixteen
02. Lonely Hearts
03. Blackcherry - Save Me
04. Down & Dirty
05. Shooting Star
06. Honky Tonk Woman (The Rolling Stones Cover)
07. Thank U (Bonus Track)
08. Best Friendz (Bonus Track)
09. Don't Need Your Love (Bonus Track)
10. The Flower Song (Bonus Track)
11. Save Me (Bonus Track)

Originally released back in 1995 now reissued via Suncity Records with 5 bonus tracks this album really showcases the wears of Kidd Skruff well. With a sound falling somewhere in between Bon Jovi and Skidrow, Kidd Skruff had all the right ingredients to make a huge impact, had it not been for the onslaught of the entire grunge movement.
Kidd Skruff started as a side project for then Lead Singer/Guitarist Jimmy Forest, and had he formed the band a few years earlier I truly believe that they could have been huge. Timing hey?
All the songs here show some great craftsmanship and excellent writing skills. It’s such a pity that the music world is so fickle, ohh well the world gets a second chance to hear the wonderful talents of Kidd Skruff thanks to this re-issue now.
The 5 bonus tracks are slightly more stripped down sound wise, a little heavier maybe, but still excellent all the same


website -
rating - 8/10

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